I am sure many photographers will say the same that when you do photography for a living you can lose the fun part of going outside and taking images just for pleasure. Well this is something that I had noticed and I wanted to get back to being a little more creative with personal work.

A couple of year back I invested in some camera filters and so far they have been excellent dust collectors. Well not any more. Over the weekend I headed down to the coast and took my first tentative steps into the world of Long Exposure Photography. I have always loved the blurred look of the clouds marching forward overhead and the sea turned to a milky mist. I always wondered how this look was achieved. Well it mainly comes down to the use of filters and lots of trial and error. I am not going to go into lots of technical detail this time as I am still in the early stages of this myself. However I will try and post some more images as my knowledge grows and I will keep you updated.

Over the past few days there has been some fabulous cloud formations with plenty of contrast. This is perfect conditions for Long Exposure Landscapes.

Next time, I will remember to keep some more focus points in my foreground such as an interesting rock and make sure I have plenty of wet weather gear with me. Angry wife and baby running to the car as daddy protects his camera is not ideal for a pleasant drive home from the coast.

Canon 5d Mark III

Canon 17-40 Lens

Lee Big Stopper Filter

Lee 0.6 ND Grad Filter

Sturdy Tripod

Remote Camera Trigger



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